The ERC Programs

An ERC (European Research Council) grant was awarded to members of the Section of biology

Robbie LoewithProf. Robbie Joseph Loewith
ERC Starting Grant (2008-2013)
Growth control by the TOR signalling network


Denis DubouleProf. Denis Duboule
ERC Advanced Grant (2009-2014)
A system approach to hox genes regulation in vertebrates


Ueli SchiblerProf. Ulrich Schibler
ERC Advanced Grant (2010-2015)
Signalling within the mammalian circadian timing system


Thanos HalazonetisProf. Thanos Halazonetis
ERC Advanced Grant (2012-2017)
Oncogene-Induced DNA Damage in Cancer


Prof. Roman Ulm
ERC Starting Grant (2012-2017)
UV-B perception and signalling by the UVR8 photoreceptor


Emi NagoshiProf. Emi Nagoshi
ERC Starting Grant (2012-2017)
A novel two-step model for neurodegeneration in Parkinsons disease


Michael_HothornProf. Michael Hothorn
ERC Starting Grant (2013-2017)
Identity and functions of polyphosphate polymerases in eukaryotes


Prof. Jerzy Paszkowski
ERC Advanced Grant (2013-2018)
Evolutionary strategy for plant breeding


Robbie LoewithProf. Robbie Joseph Loewith
ERC Consolidator Grant (2014-2019)
TOR and Cellular Homeostasis


Bruno StrasserProf. Bruno Strasser
ERC/SNSF Consolidator Grant (2015-2020)
The Rise of Citizen Sciences: Rethinking Public Participation in Science


Prof. Ramesh Pillai
ERC/SNSF Consolidator Grants (2016-2021)
Chromatin and DNA modifications instructed by germline noncoding RNA


Paul GuichardProf. Paul Guichard
ERC Starting Grant (2017-2022)
Unravelling the architecture and the cartography of the centriole


Thanos HalazonetisProf. Thanos Halazonetis
ERC Advanced Grant (2018-2023)
DNA Replication: From Physiology to Replication Stress in Human Cancer


Michael_HothornProf. Michael Hothorn
ERC Consolidator Grant (2019-2024)
System-wide discovery and analysis of inositol pyrophosphate signaling networks in plants (InsPire)


Prof. Michel Milinkovitch
ERC Advanced Grant (2019-2024)
Identifying how Evolution exploits physical properties of tissues to generate the complexity and diversity of Life


Prof. Robbie Joseph Loewith
ERC Advanced Grant (2019-2024)
Tension of ENDOmembranes maintained by TORC1


Prof. Ivan Rodriguez / Prof. Alan Carleton
ERC Synergy Grant (2019-2024)
Claustrum function in cortical processing and putative claustral  dysfunction in schizophrenia