Master Free Specialization

This type of master gives the possibility to integrate any field of biology without the imposition of a particular specialization. It allows the student either to choose his/her own specialization or to follow a broad orientation. The free specialization still provides all openings after the master, including the PhD in Science.

In agreement with the master work adviser, all courses (30 ECTS) can be chosen among those proposed From the « Studying biology » guide. Other courses (outside the Section or outside the University of Geneva) can also be chosen in agreement with the presidency of the Section of biology.

The master work (60 ECTS) can be performed in any laboratory of the Section of Biology, including laboratories not proposed as host laboratories for specific master options, as well as other laboratories outside the Section (e.g. laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine). Note that a same research topic can be chosen for a master with free specialization or for a master with specific option, depending on the recommendation or agreement of the master supervisor.

To find a subject and a master position (whether for free specialization or for a specific option), the student will have to contact him/herself  the teachers / heads of research groups according to his/her interest for a discipline. He/she can also consult the website of the Section of Biology and the websites of the various departments.