FAQ – Erasmus/Mobility

Can one go on ERASMUS already during the second year?

Yes, it is possible, provided that the curriculum scheduled is validated by the ERASMUS responsible for the Section. It is however advisable to go on ERASMUS in the third year.

Can one go on ERASMUS for the master?

If the student wishes the title of Master of the University of Geneva, he/she can go on ERASMUS (6 months to 1 year) provided he/she finds a professor responsible within the Section. If the student makes the practical part (or part of the practical part) of his/her master abroad, he/she must find a host university and a director of master’s thesis at that university. For courses, all 30 ECTS must be acquired either by attending courses in Geneva during the period when the student is there, or in the host university after establishing in advance a program to be approved by the ERASMUS responsible for the Section.

Can one go on ERASMUS outside Europe?

There are other agreements than the ERASMUS exchanges, for Quebec for example. Information can be found on the website of International Exchanges and Studies Abroad.