RTS broadcast on the exhibition « Où est le monstre? »


The exhibition « Où est le monstre? », which questions the boundaries of the monstrous and the natural, is to be discovered until April 13, 2022 in three different places in Geneva. The sculptures of the artist Jean Fontaine and scientific modules propose a reflection on the place of the human species in nature.

Reported on RTS 19:30 (in French) of 02.03.2022 with comments by Aurélie Hintermann, researcher at the Department of Genetics and Evolution.

UNIGE studies elephant trunks for research in robotics

Flexible and powerful, the elephant’s trunk is capable of delicately lifting a twig, but also of carrying loads of up to 300 kilos. The industry wants to use this ability to develop flexible robots.
An extremely flexible organ, a continuity of muscles able to move infinitely, in all angles without any limit. This is what the robotics industry is trying to reproduce. But to achieve this, it must be understood and studied. Prof. Milinkovitch‘s team has just published its results in the specialized journal Current Biology.

Watch Prof. Milinkovitch’s intervention (in French) on RTS in the 19:30 of August 23, 2021.

Listen to the program CQFD of the RTS of August 24, 2021

The loss of the sense of smell explained by Ratatouille and Ivan Rodriguez


Loss of smell, also called anosmia, is identified as one of the symptoms of Covid-19. It is estimated that 8 or 9 out of 10 Covid-19 patients suffer from smell disorders. But what is going on in our brain that makes our nose unable to differentiate the smell of a good dish from that of a garbage scent? The details of Ivan Rodriguez, professor at the laboratory of neurogenetics.

Read the article (in French) online and watch the video.