La savante organisation des plumes des oiseaux

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Une étude à laquelle ont collaboré Athanasia Tzika et Michel Milinkovitch démontre comment des signaux génétiques et mécaniques se combinent pour permettre la formation d’un réseau organisé de plumes chez les oiseaux, leur permettant de voler. Les résultats ont été publiés le 21 février 2019 dans PLOS Biology.

Communiqué de presse


Vidéo : formation des plumes chez un embryon de poulet

Inaugural Conference of the PhD school of Life Sciences

The Faculties of Medicine and Science are pleased to invite you to celebrate the new doctoral school of Life Sciences at UNIGE.
The conference will provide an overview of the new PhD School and showcase research and theses from both faculties.
Presentations will be followed by a drinks reception.

5 March 2019
5 pm, Uni Dufour, U300


Attendance is free, registration is mandatory, until February 28.

An operon-like transcript has been identified in plants

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Operons were thought to be absent in plants. The group of Michael Hothorn now reports the identification of an operon-like transcript in plants that allows for the concerted expression of a previously unknown cell-cycle regulator and a metabolic enzyme. This highly unusual transcript is conserved across the entire plant kingdom and is required for plant embryo development and growth. This study was published on February 8, 2019 in Nature Plants.



Jean-Claude Martinou wins the Lelio Orci Award 2018

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The Lelio Orci Price has been attributed to Jean-Claude Martinou for his work on the control of mitochondrial organisation and physiology. His research group has made fundamental discoveries on the molecular mechanisms controlling the shape of mitochondria, their ability to import and to process metabolites, and to adapt to various metabolic situations.

The official award ceremony will take place on 15 February 2019 at the LS2 Annual Meeting 2019