Master specific options

Master option Biodiversity and Systematics (BDS)

The aim of this program is to provide a solid education in the fields of taxonomy, phylogeny and biodiversity, covering wide range of taxonomic groups, from bacteria and protists to plants and animals, including humans. The students interested in these topics will have opportunity to explore the diversity, evolutionary history and biogeography of selected groups and will be offered the possibility to prepare their master thesis in the Museum of Natural History, the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens or one of the laboratories associated with the program.

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List of courses and study plan BDS 2021

Master option Bioinformatics and data analysis in biology (BIADB)

The aim of this program is to learn to master (or develop) bioinformatic and biostatistic tools to analyse data from various biological fields of investigation (population genetics, genomics, proteomics, evolution, etc.), as well as learning how to use these tools in a specific research theme of one of these fields.

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List of courses and study plan BIADB 2021

Master option Genetics, Development and Evolution (GDE)

This program aims at providing an up-to-date knowledge in scientific approaches that integrate molecular and cell biology to genetics, bioinformatics and zoology. Both experimental training and the teaching courses are designed to promote the development of problem-solving, self-educational and communication skills, as well as creativity and imagination in research. The students will have access to most recent laboratory technologies. Thanks to the feedback provided by advanced scientists, they will learn how to analyze and evaluate their experimental results and how to present their research project in a dynamic way. A strong emphasis is also given in this program on the critical discussion of primary scientific literature.This option is conceived for students who wish to continue their studies in the framework of the PhD school in Life Sciences of the Faculties of Medicine and Science or anticipate careers in the health and life sciences industry, in clinical research laboratories, in governmental health offices, in scientific journalism, or in scientific museums.

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List of courses and study plan GDE 2021

Master option Molecular Plant Sciences (MPS)

The goal of this program, which offers a wide array of lectures and courses, is to understand plant science at the molecular level through an integrative approach combining developmental processes, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and physiology and the response of the plant to environmental factors. Topics chosen are part of vibrant research areas in contemporary plant science. Both basic and applied topics will be highlighted, providing the student with an in-depth education and the skills required for scientific work in the field of plant sciences or related areas.

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List of courses and study plan MPS 2021