Biology studies

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Biology takes us into the world of the living

Training in biology consists in understanding what composes living organisms – whether called bacteria, flies, algae, human or otherwise -, how they function and develop, how they reproduce and evolve, how they interact with the outside world, how they were able to appear, how they become extinct.

During his/her basic training, the future biologist thus studies a variety of disciplines that he/she will complete in the last year by more specialized branches, according to his/her own choices.

Thanks to the large variety of courses proposed within the training, but also with practical work in the field, in the laboratory or in front of a computer, the biology student acquires a solid scientific training in this area.

Discover the clip “Study biology at the University of Geneva” (in French)


  • Basic research and medical research
  • Museums
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Ecology departments
  • Prehistory and Archaeological excavations
  • Teaching biology in Middle School and High School
  • Bioinformatics
  • Scientific Journalism and Communication
  • Scientific expertise
  • Banking domain (as an expert in biology)