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logo UnitecChaque année, Unitec, le bureau de transfert de technologies et de compétences de l’UNIGE et des HUG, accorde jusqu’à 5 bourses INNOGAP d’un montant maximum de 30’000 CHF chacune à des chercheurs de l’UNIGE et des HUG afin de soutenir financièrement des projets en phase de “preuve de concept” ou de prototypage.

Prochain délai de soumission de demandes : lundi 10 avril 2017

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A nose for smells? Practice makes perfect!


The teams of Alan Carleton and of Ivan Rodriguez have identified the complementary role played by two kinds of mouse olfactory neurons in forming, maintaining and reshaping the representations of odours. Their study, published on March 8, 2017 in Neuron, shows that it is their very combination that enables to recognise and distinguish similar smells.

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Bringing academic researchers closer to STEM educators


This project, amounting to CHF 200’000 and financed by the FNS-AGORA, aims to popularize scientific publications to make them usable in the classroom by teachers. The researchers themselves will be involved in the popularization of their work. Continuous training and webinars will be organized, and classes will be able to contact researchers to discuss discoveries. This project is being implemented by the BiOutils and TheScienceBreaker interfaces with Secondary 2 teachers.

List of projects approved in 2017

Certificate in Industrial Life Sciences – CILS


bandeau-cils-560Are you interested in a Career in Industrial Life Sciences?

A new program entitled Certificate in Industrial Life Sciences (CILS) will be launched in February 2017 by the Faculty of Science, in collaboration with Life Sciences employers in the Lemanic region.

This Certificate aims at improving the employability of students who hold a university degree in Life Sciences (master or PhD in biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences) and the program has been designed to bridge the gap between Academic and Industrial Life Sciences.



Registration deadline: November 30, 2016