CryoEM symposium cryoGEnic 2020


The 2020 cryoEM symposium will take place here at UNIGE on November 6th, with a spectacular line-up of speakers (including Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet). This symposium will be very interesting for all people with interest in Structural Biology and the latest developments in cryo-electron microscopy.
The registration to this meeting is free but due to the current circumstances, potentially only limited amount of seats will be available in the seminar room – of course all depending on how the situation with the virus will develop in the next months. Therefore, a homepage has been created and EVERY person that wants to attend the symposium has to register:
Live-stream will possibly also be offered to the symposium so that all talks can be attended from home, your working desks or in the other seminar rooms that will be used for live-streaming. Seats in the auditorium will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Symposium: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Biology


This CUSO-funded Symposium will cover the development of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technology, its application in Biology related areas and ethical issues arisen from AI development.

Date: Friday, June 5th, 2020
Time: 9:00-17:20
Venue: 1S081 (Sciences III), University of Geneva
Registration: free and online

The symposium is open to everyone, and PhD students can receive credits through registering to CUSO StarOmics Doctoral Program.
“Meet the speaker” lunch is planned for student and postdocs.

Conference: Reconsidering conceptual change in science education in light of recent findings in the neurosciences


Recent  findings in neuroscience show that in science learning, new conceptions do not replace previous ones. Prof. Patrice Potvin, from the Univ of Montréal, will discuss the implication of these findings in neuroscience for science teaching and learning, especially with regard to conceptual change.
This conference is aimed primarily at researchers in science, education and the neurosciences.

Mercredi 26 février 14h -16h U 159 – Uni Dufour (in French)

Wednesday February 26, 6-7 pm, A150 – Sciences II (in English)

Conférences 2020: Modéliser le réel


Modéliser le réel: un outil et un défi pour la science

Les conférences organisées par l’UNIGE et Culture&Rencontre en janvier-février 2020 se consacrent à la modélisation du vivant et de phénomènes naturels et ses applications dans différents domaines scientifiques, dont le climat, la biologie et l’environnement.

L’histoire d’un lézard: quand Darwin rencontre Von Neumann et Turing

Prof. Michel Milinkovitch – Mercredi 8 janvier 2020, 20h

Jusqu’où peut-on modéliser le monde qui nous entoure?

Prof. Bastien Chopard – Mercredi 15 janvier 2020, 20h

Modélisation et ADN préhistorique: à la recherche de nos origines

Dr Mathias Currat – Mercredi 22 janvier 2020, 20h

Comprendre le climat grâce aux simulations numériques

Dre Maura Brunetti – Mercredi 29 janvier 2020, 20h

Un ordinateur et des maths pour simuler la matière et le vivant

Prof. Assyr Abdulle – Mercredi 5 février 2020, 20h

Entrée libre

Aula du Collège de Saussure – 9, Vieux-Chemin-d’Onex, Petit-Lancy

International Symposium on Chemical Biology


We are pleased to announce the third edition of the International Symposium on Chemical Biology organized by the NCCR Chemical Biology. The event will take place on January 22 to 24, 2020 at the Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland. This major international event in the field of chemical biology will bring together leading scientists, comprising two keynote speakers (Prof. Laura Kiessling (MIT) and Prof. Giulio Superti-Furga (CeMM)) and thirteen outstanding speakers who will collectively cover topics around the engineering of proteins and small molecules, chemogenetic and optogenetic technologies for probing molecular and cellular interactions, technologies to probe active molecules in their native environment, etc.

The aim of this international event is to learn more about the latest advances in the field of chemical biology and to foster an open and dynamic dialogue amongst the scientists conducting this exciting research.

Registration is now open until December 16, 2019. Please, help us spread the word!

Fee waiver/travel grant fellowships are available. The event will also include a Poster & Young researcher prize session.

Full details can be found on the symposium website:

Soirée publique : découvrir la médecine personnalisée, un exemple en oncologie

Soirée publique au Bioscope, le 26 mars 2019 de 18h-20h, au CMU

Séquençage à haut débit, génomique, big data… La médecine personnalisée repose sur des technologies de pointe.

Quelles implications dans le traitement des cancers ? Des thérapies sur mesure à partir de l’information contenue dans notre ADN… est-ce une réalité?

Venez aborder ces questions à l’aide d’ateliers pratiques et de discussions.

Inscriptions SVP (gratuit)